7 Large-Part Metal 3D Printers Showcased

In less than 17 minutes, this video reviews 3D metal printers from seven different companies designed to making large parts. The printers on stage: ExOne X1 160PRO, a binder-jetting machine with a build volume of 800 by 500 by 400 mm BeAM Modul... July 19, 2021 Sciaky Inc
Stratasys Nearing Metal-AM Rollout Other

Stratasys Nearing Metal-AM Rollout

This video, taken by 3DMP at formnext 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, last month, shows some Stratasys-produced nonmetal par... VIDEO Stratasys, Inc.
ExOne Metal 3D Printing Process Other

ExOne Metal 3D Printing Process

ExOne metal 3D printers utilize Binder Jetting technology for 3D printing of functional parts for prototypes and short r... VIDEO ExOne

ExOne Metal 3D Printing Process

During the binder-jetting additive-manufacturing process (shown here on an ExOne machine), a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to join powdered metal particles in layers. The print head deposits the binder material onto the powder bed, and the build box lowers incrementally between each powder layer. VIDEO ExOne

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