What are Metal Powders?

Metal Powders for additive manufacturing, available in numerous alloys including those of aluminum, titanium and nickel, must be of consistent size and shape, as high-quality closely packed, spherical particles of similar size are critical in order to achieve optimum material flow rates and object density. For optimum performance, metal powders for AM are manufactured using gas or plasma atomization.

What are Aluminum alloys?

Aluminum Alloys comes in a wide range of commercially available compositions, however only a small number of these find use for additive manufacturing, most of which are based on silicon-based cast alloys (F357, AlSi10, AlSi10Mg, etc.). Inert gas atomized aluminum alloy powders can be produced with a particle morphology that is spherical, spheroidal or nodular; metal AM typically requires powders with a spherical morphology.