New Version of Software for CNC-Machining Simulation Adds AM Features

August 13, 2020

CGTech’s newly released Vericut 9.1 software for CNC-machining simulation offers enhancements to its additive manufacturing (AM)-simulation capabilities. Overall, the software includes several new features designed to increase efficiency. These include new visibility options, and enhancements to toolpath optimization, tooling and multi-tool stations, measuring and inspection reporting, and more.

Specifically for AM, Vericut 9.1 allows users to simulate AM processes without the need for a starting stock model. Use the software to build nested additive parts and assemble them into “bonded” parts, or move them independently into subsequent setups for machining. A new Additive default machining type enables Vericut 9.1 to make the best use of system resources to improve additive simulation performance, according to CGTech officials.

The software’s capabilities related to a directed energy deposition (DED) project were detailed in the Winter 2020 issue of 3D Metal Printing.
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