Webinar Explores Integration of Metal AM Into Overall Production Workflow

February 1, 2022

A newly recorded on-demand webinar from 3D Systems, Dramatically Increase Productivity of Your Automotive Injection Molding, expands on the idea that the cost-effective integration of metal additive manufacturing (AM) is about more than the AM system chosen, and upward of 70 percent of part cost is impacted by the efficiency of the complete production workflow. In this webinar, application experts from 3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions share collaboration results that provide examples of workflows that minimize cost per part while maximizing quality, according to company officials.

Tune in to learn:

  • That metal AM is not an isolated technology and needs to be brought into a workflow
  • How individual workflow steps like part design, part preparation, inspection, machining and cutting can be brought into an efficient workflow
  • The importance of the design stage in defining final cost per part.
Industry-Related Terms: Additive manufacturing, Metal additive manufacturing
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Technologies: Powder-Bed Systems


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