Universities Receive Metal 3D Printers from GE

July 19, 2018

Five universities have been chosen to each receive an Mlab 200R modular 3D-printing system, thanks to GE’s Additive Education Program (AEP). 

GE announced the AEP last year, a five-year, $10 million, two-part initiative to provide 3D printers to as many schools as possible. Now the 2018/2019 school-selection cycle has concluded, and five more colleges and universities have received metal-3D printers courtesy of the program. 

The five winners chosen: 

• Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany
• University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland
• Calhoun Community College, Alabama
• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• West Virginia University

“For additive to fulfill its potential, we need to attract as many engineers and materials scientists as possible to build their careers in our industry,” says Jason Oliver, president & CEO, GE Additive. “Getting machines onto campus and into the hands of undergraduates, researchers and faculty members is a sure fire way of getting them as excited about additive as we are.”

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