SLM Solutions and Identify3D to Develop End-to-End Additive Manufacturing Solutions

March 29, 2019

SLM Solutions, headquartered in Germany, and Identify 3D, San Francisco, CA, have announced plans for expansive collaborative efforts. SLM Solutions’ selective laser melting systems enable fast, reliable and cost-efficient metal additive manufacturing for complex, completely dense metal parts.

Identify3D software includes modules to protect, manage, enforce and trace data between design and creation on SLM Solutions’ machines. To defend from counterfeit procedures and the loss of intellectual property, data is secured in encrypted files offering the owner traceability of their designs as well as the transparency to know who is utilizing the file. Qualified processes are locked to limit operator error and ensure compliance, repeatability and quality control.

“By working together with Identify3D, we aim to offer users not only robust manufacturing systems, but a strategy to integrate both security and traceability which are essential elements to production manufacturing processes,” says Gereon Heinemann, CTO of SLM Solutions Group AG.
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