Wayland Additive Launches Calibur3 Metal-AM System

April 5, 2021

Wayland-Calibur3Wayland Additive has launched its additive manufacturing (AM) system for metal, the Calibur3. The Calibur3 uses Wayland Additive’s NeuBeam process, which, according to company officials, effectively neutralizes the electron-beam powder bed fusion (PBF) process to offer greater flexibility than laser-based AM processes while overcoming the stability issues many users of traditional electron-beam PBF AM systems experience. In addition, Wayland Additive officials offer, the NeuBeam process enables metallurgical requirements to be tailored to application requirements, a limiting factor in previous electron-beam AM processes.

“We have spent the past five years researching and developing the Calibur3, which directly overcomes shortcomings that industry faces if relying on legacy metal-AM technologies,” says Will Richardson, CEO of Wayland Additive.

NeuBeam reportedly is a hot-part rather than a hot-bed process, enabling creation of parts free of residual stresses due to high temperatures applied only to the part and not the bed, ensuring free-flowing powder post-build (no sinter cake) and stress-free parts with reduced energy consumption. Also, the process overcomes many limitations for manufacturing large components, according to company officials, due to no residual thermal stresses, no gas cross-flow and a simplified powder-removal process. To print larger parts, the Calibur3 offers a printable area of 300 by 300 by 450 mm. 

The NeuBeam process, with built-in real-time in-process monitoring, reportedly can produce fully dense parts in a range of materials, many of which, such as refractory metals and highly reflective alloys, are not compatible with traditional electron-beam or laser PBF processes.

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