Customized AMCM Machine Prints Redesigned Copper Inductor

November 17, 2021

AMCM-EOS-Copper-PartAt Formnext…3D Metal Printing visited AMCM, an EOS company that provides customized EOS machines or provides customized machines from scratch, to suit specific applications. Here, using EOS Copper CuCP, an AMCM M 290 (1-kW laser) built this dual-function inductor—a new design from thyssenkrupp. The redesign reduces a multipart component to a single part, and provides functional integration of heating and cooling to provide higher printing-process stability and better hardening results. Other redesigned-part advantages: elimination of edge overheating, no soldering points, power consumption during use reduced by as much as 60 percent, part life more than doubled, manufacturing-cost reduction of as much as 58 percent and 20-percent reduction in production lead time. 

EOS Copper CuCP reportedly offers thermal and electrical conductivity to 100-percent IACS (a copper standard that compares a material’s conductivity rating to that of pure copper, which is considered as 100 percent). This conductivity makes it ideal for inductors, electrical motors and similar applications. Material properties as reported by EOS: 99.5-percent pure, ultimate tensile strength of 165 MPa, 235-MPa yield strength and elongation at break of 45 percent.


See also: EOS of North America, Inc., AMCM GmbH

Technologies: Metal Powders


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