Concurrent Technologies Corp. Adds Metal-AM Equipment

August 11, 2017

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), Johnstown, PA, has invested $1.2 million in new metal 3D-printing equipment: a VRC Metal Systems Gen III Max cold-spray machine, and an Ambit Hybrid additive-manufacturing multitask system (laser-cladding heads installed in a Haas VF 11 five-axis milling machine). The new equipment joins the company’s existing SLM 280HL laser powder-bed machine.

“The Gen III Max consumes a small 3 by 5-ft. area and is on wheels, enabling versatility and easy mobility for production, repair or in-the-field applications,” says Ken Sabo, senior director, additive manufacturing and materials at CTC. “It can be manually or robotically operated, making it the system of choice for many repair and obsolescence applications. “We can use cold spray to repair expensive and hard-to-acquire components on structures such as military aircraft, vehicles, and even submarines that would otherwise be scrapped.”

 CTC engineers will use the hybrid machine to employ a cladding process and build new geometry before switching to a milling operation for part finishing. The working envelope measures 120 by 40 by 30 in.

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