Siemens and EDAG Step Up Cooperation

April 11, 2019

Siemens, a Germany-based multinational conglomerate, and the EDAG Group, a Germany-based global engineering group for the automotive industry, have extended their collaboration to promote industrial applications of additive manufacturing (AM) and to make engineering and production processes more efficient. 

The NextGenerationSpaceframe 2.0 intelligent modular system features a combination of bionically designed and additive-manufactured nodes and high-strength, energy-absorbing aluminum extrusion profiles. The concept offers extremely flexible manufacturing, enabling it to support the growing number of vehicle derivatives while still taking economic aspects into account. 

Key features of NextGenSpaceframe 2.0:
• Shorter time-to-market for additive-manufactured prototypes and small series components.
• Industry 4.0 philosophy: combination of 3D-printed aluminum car body nodes with high-strength, energy-absorbing aluminum extrusion profiles, combined as highly flexible on-demand” manufacturing with 3D bending and jigless joining technology for automotive and industry applications.
• Calculations and actual tests demonstrating that the crash areas absorbs the crash energy as predicted and that the AM node does not fail structurally.
• Seamless engineering data process chain contributing to significantly shorter development and lead times, as well as ensuring a higher level of development maturity.

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