Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing Teams With Elementum 3D

August 6, 2019

Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM), Statesville, NC, has announced a partnership with Erie, CO-based Elementum 3D, provider of additive materials. The agreement combines KAM’s additive manufacturing (AM) technology with Elementum 3D’s advanced materials such as aluminum 6061 powder, a previously unprintable aerospace and automotive aluminum alloy.

A news release by KAM says it will be the first firm in North America to use 6061 in an SLM 280 printer by SLM Solutions, Wixom, MI. The release goes on to report that the 6061 prints, on average, 65 percent faster in the SLM 280 and that its use allows KAM to pursue the aerospace and automotive markets, which currently use AlSi10Mg as the standard material.  

“To offer a replacement for traditional aluminum alloys that are not only faster, but also more durable with better surface finish, opens up a lot of doors for us,” says KAM's lead AM engineer, Kevin Cwiok.  

KAM CEO and NASCAR driver, Brad Keselowski, adds, “This is an exciting time for both companies. We’re going to do a lot of innovative work that will lead to positive developments within the additive community.”





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