University of Dayton to 3D Print Replacement Parts for Cargo Planes

May 28, 2019

A decommissioned C-130 Hercules Air Force cargo plane has been delivered to the University of Dayton for research on cost-effective technologies to keep older c-130s flying. Among them: 3D printing. Researchers can scan an older aircraft and 3D print a replacement part using computer-assisted design files.

“The challenge is that no technical information exists on many of these parts because of the age of the aircraft,” says Debbie Naguy, chief of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Product Support Engineering Division. “So when a replacement part or structure is needed and there is no drawing available, we will reverse engineer the part, scanning it to create a three-dimensional digital model that can be used to develop and qualify AM replacement parts.”

Technologies: Applications, Management, Safety & Training


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