Supersonic Aircraft Firm Selects Velo3D to Make Flight Hardware

June 27, 2019

Velo3D, a Campbell, CA-based provider of metal 3D printing solutions, has announced its partnership with Boom Supersonic, the Centennial, CO-based firm now building what company officials say will be the world’s fastest supersonic airliner, the XB-1 Mach-2.2 (1687 mph) demonstrator aircraft.

Company officials also say Velo3D’s Intelligent Fusion technology provides the level of control, design freedom and quality assurance that it requires. “Velo3D helped us understand the capabilities and limitations of metal additive manufacturing and the positive impact it would potentially have on our supersonic aircraft,” says Mike Jagemann, head of XB-1 production at Boom Supersonic. “We look forward to sharing details about the aircraft development and improved system performance once XB-1 takes flight.”

Boom and Velo3D have already conducted successful validation trials with plans calling for the installation of two 3D-printed titanium parts on the prototype aircraft in early 2020 as part of its environmental control system for ensuring safe flight in all conditions.

“Boom is re-imagining the entire commercial aircraft experience,” says Benny Buller, CEO, Velo3D. “Our technology is designed to help innovators such as Boom rethink what’s possible, empower advanced designs with little or no post-processing, and enable an entirely new approach to production.”
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