Premium Aerotec and Lockheed Martin Announce Partnership

July 1, 2019

Premium Aerotec, an Augsburg, Germany subsidiary of Airbus, and Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD, announced a collaborative agreement to identify parts in Lockheed Martin’s F-35 aircraft that could be manufactured with additive manufacturing techniques to improve efficiencies and reduce costs,

“This collaboration is a first step for our company into the important U.S. defense market,” says Thomas Ehm, CEO of Aerotec.

With stealth technology, advanced sensors, supersonic speed, weapons capacity and superior range, the F-35 is the most lethal, survivable and connected aircraft in the world. 

“F-35 production includes the most advanced manufacturing techniques of any fighter jets in the world,” says Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager of the F-35 program. “We will continue to integrate additional automation and additive manufacturing techniques.”
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